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02-09-09 Notes - Coronation by Pope Leo III(Christmas 800...

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Religion and the Struggle for Power: Catholicism, Byzantium, and Islam Western Mediterranean Culture: The Turn toward the North “Latin Christendom” and “Western” Cultural Identity? Alliance of Roman Popes and Frankish Kings Western Catholicism’s Opposition to Byzantium and Islam Justinian (527-565); Power in Constantinople; Re-conquest of Italy Influence of Theodora Justinian and Imperial Control of the Byzantine Church Justinian’s Legal Code, Architecture, Hagia Sophia Roman Popes’ Rivalry with Constantinople and Lombards Pope Gregory I (590-604), New Doctrines (Purgatory) Gregorian Chants? Gregory and the Benedictines Campaign for Conversions, Benedictine Monasteries, St. Benedict (480-547) 1. Alliance of Popes and Franks (Western Europe) Clovis (482-511), Merovingian Dynasty, Orthodox Catholicism vs. Arianism Charles Martel, Battle of Tours (732), Pepin the Short Charlemagne (768-814), Suppression of Lombards
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Unformatted text preview: Coronation by Pope Leo III (Christmas 800) Carolingian Renaissance, Aachen, Counts and Local Administration, End of Empire 2. Byzantine Culture as a Rival to Rome (Constantinople) Successor to Rome in the East, Powerful Emperors, Eastern Church Trade, Bureaucracy, Greek Language, Conflicts with Roman Church, Decline and Fall of Byzantium (1453) 3. Islam and Muslim Culture (Arabia, North Africa) Muhammad (570-632), Monotheism, The Prophet, Qur’an Mecca, Flight to Medina, Hostility to Icons and Images Expansion of Islam across Middle East, N. Africa and Spain, Caliphs, Shi’ite vs. Sunni, Assassination of Ali (661) Triumph of Umayyad Family; Abbasids in Baghdad Arab Culture: Mathematics, Medicine, Avicenna (980-1037), Canon of Medicine Alhambra and Later Islamic Culture in Spain (Granada) [after 1238] Early European Culture Defines Itself Against Islam?...
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