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03-23-09 Notes - Recover Pure Religious Texts Condemn...

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The Renaissance in Northern Europe Processes of Cultural Change, Cross-Cultural Exchange Within Europe, Beyond Europe Influence of Renaissance Humanism in France and Northern Europe New Humanism in the North: Human Action and Naturalism Reform Literature, Satire, Influence on Reformation? Critiques: Materialism and Corruption, Abuse of Power, Pretensions of Social Elites 1. Social Preconditions for Cultural Exchange Stability and Wealth, Stronger Monarchies Contact with Italy, Architecture, material objects, Food and Cooking Cultural Influence, Humanist Education, Music New Technology: Printing Press, New Publishing Gutenberg Press (1445); Cheaper Books and Circulation of Ideas 2. Intellectual Concerns of Northern Humanism
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Unformatted text preview: Recover Pure Religious Texts Condemn Corruption, Promote Piety Legacy of John Wycliffe (1320?-1384) John Hus (1369-1415) Thomas à Kempis, Imitation of Christ (1425) Reform the Church 3. Satirical and Critical Literature Erasmus (1466-1536), Dutch Background, View of Church Scholarship and Satire, In Praise of Folly (1509) Thomas More (1478-1535), English Career Politics and Satire Critique of Corruption in Law Utopia (1513) Rabelais (1494-1553), Early Career in Medicine Social Order and Satire Carnivalesque Reversals; Critique of Social Hierarchies Gargantua and Pantegruel (c. 1533) Assumption that Writing Can Change the World New “Crusades” and the Meaning of the Bible?...
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