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08-19-08 Notes

08-19-08 Notes - 4 main views of the decision maker 1...

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3 main psychological perspectives on decision making 1. Descriptive: Simply tries to describe ways that decisions can be made. Does not evaluate whether it is good or bad. 2. Normative: Describes what most people actually do, or what the average person actually does. It describes what is normal. 3. Proscriptive: Describes what people should do. Attempts to make recommendations about how to make good decisions.
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Unformatted text preview: 4 main views of the decision maker 1. Consistency seeker: People want uniformity or regularity in decision making. 2. Naïve scientist: People approach decision making as a data analyst. 3. Cognitive miser: People want to minimize time or effort put into decision making. 4. Motivated tactician: People use various strategies like goals, motives and needs when approaching decision making....
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