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Experiments (Experimental Method) Key: Physically change something and observe its effects – the “manipulation.” 1. Independent Variable (I.V.): What we manipulate; the presumed “cause.” It’s called the I.V. because it’s presumed to be independent of all other possible causes. 2. Dependent Variable (d.v.): What we measure; the presumed “effect.” It’s called the d.v. because any changes in it are presumed to be dependent on the I.V. Confounds: Alternative explanations for the results. Validity: Is the research a “true” representation of reality?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Internal Validity: Does the I.V. (as manipulated) influence the d.v. (as measured)? 2. External Validity: Does the result generalize to other persons, places and times? Correlational Research: Simply observe and measure the relationship between two variables (the co-relation). Positive Correlation: Variables move up and down at the same time. Negative Correlation: One variable goes up, one variable goes down. No Correlation: No relation between variables (random.)...
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