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11-11-08 Notes - i Pluralistic ignorance = no one else is...

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Deciding whether to help 1. Helping or helping behavior = The term preferred by psychologists because it implies simply offering assistance a. Other terms you might see: i. Prosocial behavior = But this implies some benefit to society ii. Altruism = But this implies there is no self-interest 2. a. Notice the situation = Were you attending to it? b. Interpret the situation = What is going on? Does this require help?
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Unformatted text preview: i. Pluralistic ignorance = no one else is acting so you don’t either c. Assume responsibility = Is it up to me to act? Should I do something? i. Diffusion of responsibility = someone else may offer help d. Assess competence = Can I help? Do I know what to do? e. Decision to help = I will or will not help...
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