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Females - Females FSH maturation of ovaries Estrogens...

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Females : FSH maturation of ovaries Estrogens - Secondary sexual characteristics LH ->Maintenance of corpus lutenum produces progesterones. Chronic Gonadotropin ->Produced by chrion of embryo. Has the same effect as luthenizing hormone. Maintains corpus luteum. A. Evolutionary trends (See labs) B. Neurons Dendrite -> Receives stimuli, transmit toward cell body. Cell Body -> Filters incoming stimuli. Axons-> Transmit nerve impulse away from cell body Motor Neuron Sensory Neuron Interneuron -> Conducts impulses over short distances. Glial Cells - Support neurons produce myelin sheets around axons. CNS Glial Cells -> Oligodendroglian PNS Glial Cells -> Schwann Cells 2. The Nerve Impulse - Electrical in nature, but not the same as wire conducting current. -Travels about 350 ft/sec.
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-Crushed neurons still conduct electricity, but not nerve impulses. -All or nothing response-> Neuron either fires or doesn’t fire. (Nerve impulse intensity is always the same) Resting Potential : Neuron is at rest -70 mV difference between exterior and interior of a neuron.
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