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Lamarck vs. Darwin Lamarck Darwin Source of Variations are caused by the Variations are inherent in the Variations: environment, which inspires population. The cause of these the internal needs of the organism variations is unknown (At least in to adapt Darwin’s time. We now know it is genetic variability), but they are NOT caused by the environment Mechanism of change: Inheritance of Acquired Natural Selection: The environment Characteristics: Throughout it’s “selects” certain variations (traits) that life, an organism, in response to are favorable. Individuals that possess internal needs caused by the this variation are more likely to survive environment, “excercises” certain to reproductive age, and to leave more parts of it’s anatomy. These parts offspring which also possess this grow larger/stronger through use, favorable trait. and the tendancy for these parts being larger/stronger is passed on to the offspring. The disuse of structures eventually causes the disappearance of parts in the same way
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Unformatted text preview: Results: Certain traits continue to develop, Individuals that posses the favorable eventually become common, and variation become more common in a over time lead to a new species population, these favorable variations accumulate and eventually lead to new species. The Basic Premise of Natural Selection 1. Individuals in any population of animals, plants, or other organisms vary from one another in many characteristics 2. These variations between individuals can be inherited 3. Members of a population produce more offspring than the environment can support 4 Individuals whose inherited charactersitics best adapt them (most fit) to their environment are more likely to survive to reproductive age, and leave more offspring than less fit individuals 5. Over time this selection produces organisms better adapted to their environment, and eventually with characteristics sufficiently different from those of their ancestors to be considered different species...
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