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geography reactionary paper - ReactionPaper JoshSmith...

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Reaction Paper Josh Smith The movie An inconvenient Truth and the subsequent readings were all very interesting  and helped me tie the lectures into our modern political and environmental climate.  Before I  watched this movie and the appropriate readings (even after reading Unstoppable Global  Warming) I used to fall into the group of people that was apathetic to global warming.  I wouldn’t  say I believed there was none but I believed there was a big enough controversy, mainly  between greenhouse gasses reoccurring climate change cycles.  But after taking the first half of  this course, and watching and researching the topic for the first time I know without a doubt that  there is climate change, and according to what ive learned in lecture and in other research I  believe the only plausible solution is greenhouse gasses.  In lecture we learned about energy transfer between the sun and the earth.  I learned 
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This note was uploaded on 05/04/2009 for the course GEO 120 taught by Professor Beachaine during the Spring '09 term at University of Wisconsin.

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geography reactionary paper - ReactionPaper JoshSmith...

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