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Joshua Smith Astronomy Mr. Finchaboy Good and Bad Science From the moment the movie Contact started you were in awe of the realistic beauty of the movie it portrayed, it was obvious that it was going to be a movie about science and obviously a good one. The minor touches that go into the movie itself and adding authenticity to make it look more realistic are just amazing. This and the very pictures themselves of the universe were extremely realistic and interesting because of what we have been learning in class. Although that I knew it was going to be a very good movie scientifically, I was skeptical about how much fun it would be to watch. Further since it was an actual movie, rather than one made primarily for science, I began wondering if it would soon drift away from authenticity for something I was more used to and found a little more interesting. Ironically to my surprise the movie did seem to stay true to science throughout (until I actually did research on the internet I thought it was ALL correct, I wanted to see if there were any differences), while at the same time staying suspenseful developing interesting themes, and most importantly, keeping me attached to the screen. The opening sequence of the movie immediately drew me in, for both its extreme beauty and the minute details that I immediately related with what I learned in astronomy. As we moved away from earth the first thing I noticed was the beauty of the universe. I immediately recognized many familiar images that look like they could be straight from our textbook. Further I recognized the familiar pictures of the nebula, and I was drawn in by realistic it was. Further, I immediately noticed that as we got farther from earth the music got older. Since our solar system is so big it makes sense that the music from the 70’s would still be flying outward, these
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This note was uploaded on 05/04/2009 for the course ASTRO 103 taught by Professor Sheinis during the Spring '08 term at University of Wisconsin.

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contact movie report - Joshua Smith Astronomy Mr. Finchaboy...

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