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philosophy test - Philosophy test Free Will 1 Many people...

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Philosophy test Free Will 1) Many people come to the believe that both causal determinism, and free will can take part in this world. But the vary definition of one, makes the other two. If one believes in causal determinism that person also believes that every event has a cause. If the tire of your car is flat, there must have been something that caused it, like running over a nail. On the other hand, if you say that this applies to everything, then every human action has a cause. if every human action has a cause, then the person really isn’t choosing with free will. For instance lets say you and your friend were going on a walk when he tripped and broke his leg. You have a cell phone in your pocket and you can choose whether to help him or not by calling someone. You may think you have a choice, because there is no physical force telling you to do something. On the other hand though because you care for this person and he is your friend this causes to help him, so its not by free will that you make the decision. If every event has a cause, then every human action is caused and it is not free. 2) The fact of the matter is it is not planning which infringes upon freedom, but force of planning that infringes upon freedom. There will always be something that goverens our actions even if we are not forced to do it. Whether it be desires, fears hates etc. For instance if we desire to live on a ocean and we are confronted with similar job offers one in the Midwest, and one in California we are going to live in California. There is no free will in the decision because we are not going to say no. On the other hand though, just because we don’t have free will in this situation doesn’t make it bad, or that we would be better off with free will. The very fact that we are free to do what we want, leads us to make this decision. Humans will always do what they want, so its only important that they are not forced to do things that they don't want. They may not be free but they don't need to. If a person is able to achieve what they want and live their life the way they want, then it does not matter whether it was planned or not.
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3) According to determinism if we did do something, then it is impossible that we could have done something else. It makes no difference on the restraints against us, even if we have nothing physical nor a threat held against us, we will make the same decision everytime. That is because we will always be influenced by our own brain, desires, hates, etc to do the same things. So if I have a free ticket to a hockey game on Thursday and I decide to go, according to determinism I have no other choice. Because of my desire to go to hockey games, nothing else could have happened but what happened.
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