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MUSI 2060 Syllabus

MUSI 2060 Syllabus - Music 2060 History and Analysis of...

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Music 2060 History and Analysis of Rock Music Spring 2008 MTW 3:35-4:25, with Discussion Group Breakouts Forestry Auditorium Room 100 Instructor: Dr. Steve Valdez TAs: Keri Blickenstaff, Music 240 Office: 455 Music Jason Ogg, Music 240 Phone: 542-5606 Bart Walters, Music 240 E-mail: [email protected] (TA office hours will be announced Office Hours: M 1:00-3:00, Th 12:00-1:30 at breakout sections Jan. 15-16) Textbook: A History of Rock Music , 4th edition, by Stephen Valdez, available at the University Bookstore. A packet of the listening assignments (see Item 4 below) is available at Bel-Jean Copy on Broad St. Listening: The text book includes a Web address and password for Rhapsody.com which is working in conjunction with the book publisher Kendall-Hunt. You can register at this web site to listen to most of the songs discussed in the text; this service is provided with the purchase of the text book and will be activated for 120 days (the semester). It is possible to download the songs (and others from the site) onto your hard-drive or MP3 player for an additional fee (99¢ per song?). In addition, there are sets of compact disc recordings on reserve at the Music Resource Library (MRL) on the third floor of the music building and at the Media center on the seventh floor of the main library. These recordings contain most of the music that we will listen to and discuss in class and contain the musical examples that you will be assigned as listening assignments throughout the semester. Course Requirements: 1) Attendance and Participation: This semester we will have three lecture classes in Forestry 100, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 3:35 and break into smaller discussion groups that will meet on either Thursday or Friday. The TAs will use this time to review and discuss lecture material, discuss topics in rock music as appropriate, and deal with element of music study in general. The quizzes and exams (except the last) will be given on these days as well. While it is difficult for us to know each and every one of you in a large class, the smaller groups will make it easier for the TAs and myself to get to know you better. Your attendance and participation in the breakout groups can only help your grade. Attendance will be taken in the large lecture section on a random basis which will be calculated into your final grade; attendance in the large lecture will be taken by signup sheets. If you are present, you must sign the sheet. Anyone signing the sheet for someone else is guilty of academic dishonesty and will be dealt with appropriately. It is your responsibility to sign the signup sheet. Attendance and
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  • discussion TBA, Breakouts Forestry Auditorium, Discussion Group Breakouts, Country Rock Breakouts, Folk rock Breakouts

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MUSI 2060 Syllabus - Music 2060 History and Analysis of...

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