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PS3_Spring2009 - ChemE 323(Spring 2009 Problem Set#3(Due by...

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ChemE 323 (Spring 2009) Problem Set #3 (Due by 02/20/2009) 1.0 You are in charge of designing a pipe network to supply water to a subdivision located 2 miles away from a water holding tank. The water level in the tank is 150 ft. above ground; the pressure above the water in the holding tank is 1 atm; a minimum discharge pressure of 5psi above atmospheric is required; the average temperature is 65 o F; and the subdivision consumes a maximum of 1,000 gallons of water per minute. (a) What size schedule 40 commercial steel pipe should be used ? (b) If Sch 40 plastic piping is used instead, how would this change your result? [30 points] 2.0 A solid particle (SG 1.5, diameter 5 mm.) is released in a liquid (SG 1, µ = 10
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