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1 Problem Set 1 Chem 3900: Physical Chemistry II Spring 2009 Due: Class, Wednesday, January 28 th Please make sure to write your name and the recitation you’ll attend. When you print out your work, try to minimize the number of pages. You can do this by printing multiple pages per sheet and/or by using a duplex printer. Problem 1. In this problem we investigate the Redlich-Kwong (RK) equation of State (McQ&S, eq. 16.7) () RT A p VB TV V B =− + (1.1) where for convenience we write the molar volume V to be V . Like the vdW equation, the RK equation of state (1.1) depends on two real parameters, A and B . (1) Show that (1.1) reduces to the IGES in an approximate limit. Suggest a physical explanation for parameters A and B . (2) Download from the Blackboard a M ATHEMATICA notebook that contains experimental pVT data for ethane at T = 300, 350 and 400 K. Compare (graphically) the experimental data with the predictions of the RK equation of state at these temperatures. (RK parameters are given in McQ&S, Table 16.4) (3) We now determine the critical parameters for the RK equation. This can be done with M ATHEMATICA , but we need to proceed carefully. Define derivatives 1 12 , TT d p dd VV ⎛⎞ ≡≡ ⎜⎟ ∂∂ ⎝⎠ (1.2) First Solve the equation d 1 = 0 to obtain T c in terms of V . (M ATHEMATICA will return several solutions in the form of a list of substitution rules; you will need to select the real solution, that is, the one not involving cube roots of negative numbers. Recall that
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390_Problem_Set_1 - Problem Set 1 Chem 3900 Physical...

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