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1 Problem Set 5 Chem 3900: Physical Chemistry II Spring 2009 Due: Class, Monday, March 4th Please make sure to write your name and the recitation you’ll attend. When you print out your work, try to minimize the number of pages. Feel free to use Mathematica to solve these problems. Problem 1. (a) Use data from Table 21.2 to determine 298 o r S Δ for the reaction, 22 11 () H g Br g HBr g += (b) At room temperature and pressure, the most stable phase of bromine is the liquid. Repeat the calculation of (a) for the reaction, H g Br l HBr g . Give a molecular explanation of the difference in 298 o r S Δ . (c) Calculate 298 r S Δ at an applied pressure of 5.0 bar for H g Br g HBr g . Problem 2. For problem 2, you may wish to consult Table 18.2. (a) Calculate o trans S Δ , the translational contribution to 298 o
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