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1 Problem Set 8 Chem 3900: Physical Chemistry II Spring 2009 “Grade it yourself” The solution will be posted online on Tuesday, 7 th Apr. There is no due for this assignment and your work will not be graded. Instead, you’re encouraged to finish this PS to prepare for the Prelim III that will be held on 9 th Apr. **Note** Please sign up for the make-up exam (5:45 - 7:15 p.m) for the Prelim III if there is a conflict. You can do this by visiting Ms Pat Hine (131 Baker). Problem 1. On assignment 7, we dealt with the property of the regular solution model , 2 2 / * 11 1 wx RT PX P e = . The pure solvent boils at temperature * vap T and the solution boils at vap T at applied pressure p . (a) Calculate Δ T vap T * vap T for this solution. (b) Suppose that w > 0. Is
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Unformatted text preview: T larger or smaller than it would be for a solution in which Raoults Law is obeyed? Explain your result in physical terms. (c) Repeat (b) for the case w < 0. Problem 2. Read exercise 25-62 in McQ&S. Answer the question posed there by showing that if H + and Cl ions in water can be treated as obeying Henrys Law, then the vapor pressure of HCl above an aqueous solution has the form p = K ( m/m ) 2 , where K is a constant and m is the molal concentration of HCl. Plot the measured pressures versus the square of molality to test this prediction. Problem 3. Exercise 26-3 in McQ&S. Problem 4. Exercise 26-14 in McQ&S. Problem 5. Exercise 26-19 in McQ&S. Problem 6. Exercise 26-29 in McQ&S....
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