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1 Problem Set 9 Chem 3900: Physical Chemistry II Spring 2009 Due: Class, Monday, April 17th Please make sure to write your name and the recitation you’ll attend. When you print out your work, try to minimize the number of pages. Feel free to use Mathematica to solve these problems. Problem 1. Iodine molecules dissociate in the gas phase according to I 2 (g) 2I(g). (1) (a) Use data from Table 18.2 to obtain an expression for K p ( T ) for this reaction. As noted in Table 18.1 and on p. 734, halogen atoms have an electronic ground state that is fourfold degenerate. The I 2 molecule electronic ground state is nondegenerate. (b) Make a Table of K p ( T ) values over the range 500 K T 2000 K, using T increments of 100 K. Evaluate and Plot ln K p ( T ) as a function of 1/ T over the temperature range 500 K T 2000 K. Fit your plot to a linear function of 1/ T and determine the slope. What is this quantity? Problem 2.
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