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Prelim II Chem 3900: Phvsical Chemistrv ll Spring 2009 10 March Name: Sol*(;6115 Problem 1: /25 ProblemZ: 125 3: /2Q 4: 130 Total: /100 Contants and relations vou might nqed: Clausius-Clapevron equation: R:8.314Jl(molK) n A,.n(r r\ ;;:liiJi;rb:ttln< lnP' =^wP/:ubtt l+-+ | I bar = 0.987 atm 105 Pa h R (4 T, ) N, (Avogadro #) : 6.02x1 023 mol-r I joule 6.24x1018eV Definition of Thermodvnamic Enersies: U(S,V) dU =TdS - pdv vdWaals equation of state: RT a ry H(.,S, p):U + pV dH +Vdp P V 4-7 A(T,V) =U -TS dA *SdT G(T,p)= H -TS dG -SdT +Vdp fusacity. fusacitv coeffi cient: t P.o -1 Maxwell Relations: rny-rnr= l1=ap' f_qql lffirr) =_( av\ P 6 P l* ), \ar ),'lap ), -\a ), TT -(a,,o\ g\ =({\.fg) =-fg) s=fratnQ+kurl- [as./, \ap ),'[asJ" \av r. dZ )*, Euler's formula: (v\(E't rq) -_, \q ),\62 ),\ax ),
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Problem 1, (25 points) Plots of G(Z) versus I for benzene are shown below for two temperature ranges. Use these to answer the following questions. Assume that the pressure is I bar in both plots. (a) What are the melting (1i,,) and boiling (I"oo) temperafures of benzene? (b) Estimate the molar enhopy for benzene in all three phases (Solid, Liquid, Gas)? (c) Calculat, L7,,8 and A,,orE . (d) What is T*o at p : l0 bar? Assume an ideal gas. I E -:z -'r J (a) fu, -- 2?? K tu) otse ( &) \aT /r For soliol , l7w;o( , v&FDr , T,T= 3YlK 3 6 kT/,,vQ- .-^ - F*rro1 = sp,yd ; u aot /!6 T/qna7'K tt kJ,/qoL loK ^_^ </ = 275 .t/n04.-l( - - Lc ) Asnr| Tyo, 4,{ 27? K ( ucy*uQ-K - poT/otot'X) := /O kJ/qno A A*(i - T"To,*f9:
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Chem_3900_prelimII_solutions - Prelim II Chem3900:Phvsical...

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