Midterm #2.1 Ans.

Midterm #2.1 Ans. - Chem 20L Lecture 1 Gould Midterm...

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Chem 20L – Lecture 1 – Gould Midterm Exam #2 (Winter 2008) NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________ (LAST NAME) (FIRST NAME) ID #: __________________________ Section (circle) 1A (T 8-11, James) 1F (Th 11-2, James) 1B (T 2-5, Kevin) 1G (Th 11-2, Kristina) 1C (T 6:30-9:20, Kevin) 1H (Th 2-5, Eunshil) 1D (W, 2-5, Kristina) 1I (Th 6:30-9:20, Mikhail) 1E (Th 8-11, Eunshil) 1J (F 2-5, Mikhail) DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. INSTRUCTIONS 1. This is a closed book and closed note exam. You may use your 4 x 6 note card during the exam. The last two pages of the exam are common equations that might be helpful. 2. Calculators are allowed. 3. Use PEN to answer ALL questions. You will not be allowed a regrade if you use pencil for ANY part of the exam. 4. There are a total of 5 pages of questions. 5. Show all work for all calculations in order to receive full credit. No credit will be given for a numerical answer alone or for an illegible answer. 7. You must provide correct units and significant figures . 8. Place a box or circle around your final calculated answer. Page Value Max. Score 2 20 3 15 4 20 5 10 6 15 Total 80
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Name a 2 I. Chemical Kinetics Consider the following data: X + Y ! Z Initial Concentration Initial Rate X Y 0.21 M 0.70 M 6.3 M/sec 0.21 M 1.39 M 11.5 M/sec 0.41 M 0.70 M 12.4 M/sec (A) (12 Points) Deduce the order of the reaction with respect to each reactant. Limit your answer to 2-3 sentences With respect to X **Must compare trials when [X] doubles and [Y] is held constant** Can visual compare rates above and see that when [X] doubles the rate also doubles, order must be 1 rate 1 = k[X 1 ] a [Y 1 ] b {k and Y cancel} 6.3 = [0.21] a rate 2 k[X 2 ] a [Y 2 ] b 12.4 [0.41] a a = 1.01 rounded to 1 (because order must be an integer value)
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Midterm #2.1 Ans. - Chem 20L Lecture 1 Gould Midterm...

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