Midterm #2.2

Midterm #2.2 - Exam Study Questions Chemistry 20L Winter...

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Exam Study Questions Chemistry 20L Winter 2007 The exam will be held in CS50 – the lecture hall. During the exam you will be allowed to use a calculator, your lab notebook, your lecture guides and any hand-written materials that you want. The lab manual, textbooks, and other printed materials including printed copies of the study questions and/or answers will not be allowed during the exam. The final exam will cover ALL the topics discussed in lectures and in the laboratory; the emphasis will be on the material not examined on the miderm. Review the pre-lab study questions even if they were not assigned. You should be able to answer all these questions now. Review the sidebar questions in the experiments. Review the experimental procedures. Review the study questions posted on VOH for the first exam. The following questions (or modifications of them) have been taken from previous 20L exams. ~~~~~~ 1. Sketch the titration curves for each of the following systems. Calculate and indicate on each sketch, the equivalence point volume , the initial pH of the solution, and at least one other pH on the titration curve. Also be sure to indicate the approximate pH of the equivalence point if this is not the second point that you choose. (a)
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Midterm #2.2 - Exam Study Questions Chemistry 20L Winter...

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