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DOWN TO BASICS These microscopic, seedlike bodies are the reproductive propagules of fungi The first short hypha emerging from a germinating spore is called this. Fungus cultures tend to grow in circles which, on lawns, are obvious as these “things”. These are two fundamental differences between fungi and animals OTHER than reproduction by spores. These are three types of fruiting bodies that might form to produce spores developing from sexual recombination. CLASSIFICATION FASCINATION This man is responsible for developing our current binomial naming system for living organisms. This Cornellian thought that FUNGI were one of three kingdoms arising from the PROTISTA Univ. of Illinois faculty Carl Woesse places the fungus kingdom within this hierarchy. Fungi differ from plants in these three fundamental and important ways. This Swedish "Grand Old Man of Mycology"laid the groundwork for current mycological taxonomy with publication of his Systemma Mycologicum. NAME GAMES This is the starting date (year) for determining legitimate names of fungi This tedious document states the rules for naming newly discovered fungi The rules of the Code state that the first description of a fungus must be in this language. To name a new fungus, you must convince the rest of the scientific world that this structure is different from all
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2009_Mycojeopardy_1_hdout - DOWN TO BASICS These...

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