Mycojeopardy Prelim 2 2009 Study Guide

Mycojeopardy Prelim 2 2009 Study Guide -...

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MYCOJEOPARDY . ... THE NEXT GENERATION A game to review more fungal fact and fantasy MAGIC SHROOMS $100 This finance journalist turned mycophile was a pioneer in the study of mushrooms and their role in cultural evolution. R. Gordon Wasson $200 This branch of mycology deals with the role of fungi in the evolution of civilizations. Ethnomycology $300 This Harvard professor eventually got fired for experiments with magic shrooms. Timothy Leary $400 This man theorizes that ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms gave some primates selective advantages, resulting in the evolution of humans and their social order. Terrance “Iron Gut” McKenna $500 Some argue that hallucinogenic properties of the Fly Agaric caused primitive peoples to revere it as this central figure in ancient Hindu writings. Soma LAST CALL FOR ETHANOL $100 “Alcoholic fermentation” is the name given to this chemical reaction. Conversion of sugar to ethanol and CO2 by yeast $200 This is why wine is usually no more than 12-14% alcohol. The yeast are killed at this concentration $300 The making of beer differs from that of wine in these three ways. Beer ingredients sterilized, beer uses hops and malt whereas wine uses grapes, Water is added to beer, different yeasts used $400 A glass of red wine each day is supposed to be good for your heart because it contains this chemical that purportedly lowers blood serum cholesterol resveratrol $500 This man made his fortune from brewing beer and used a good part of it to start the first institution of higher learning for women. Matthew Vassar (Vassar College) Coors LOTS OF ROTS $100 The very first thing that must happen before decay of standing, living trees can possibly occur wounding $200 These fungi precede decay fungi on wounded trees. They do not decay wood but they may discolor it. Pioneer fungi $300 Fungi that decay trees are usually representatives of this broad taxonomic group. Basidiomycetes $400 This person is credited with developing our current day concepts of compartmentalization of decay in trees Shigo $500 These are three indicators of decay in standing tree. Fruiting bodies, sapling growing in crotch, open wounds POT LUCK 1 $100 This Philadelphia suburb is the “Mushroom Capital of the World”
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Mycojeopardy Prelim 2 2009 Study Guide -...

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