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MYCOJEOPARDY . ... THE NEXT GENERATION A game to review more fungal fact and fantasy MAGIC SHROOMS $100 This finance journalist turned mycophile was a pioneer in the study of mushrooms and their role in cultural evolution. $200 This branch of mycology deals with the role of fungi in the evolution of civilizations. $300 This Harvard professor eventually got fired for experiments with magic shrooms. $400 This man theorizes that ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms gave some primates selective advantages, resulting in the evolution of humans and their social order. $500 Some argue that hallucinogenic properties of the Fly Agaric caused primitive peoples to revere it as this central figure in ancient Hindu writings. LAST CALL FOR ETHANOL $100 “Alcoholic fermentation” is the name given to this chemical reaction. $200 This is why wine is usually no more than 12-14% alcohol. $300 The making of beer differs from that of wine in these three ways. $400 A glass of red wine each day is supposed to be good for your heart because it contains this chemical that purportedly lowers blood serum cholesterol $500 This man made his fortune from brewing beer and used a good part of it to start the first institution of higher learning for women. LOTS OF ROTS $100 The very first thing that must happen before decay of standing, living trees can possibly occur $200 These fungi precede decay fungi on wounded trees. They do not decay wood but they may discolor it. $300 Fungi that decay trees are usually representatives of this broad taxonomic group. $400 This person is credited with developing our current day concepts of compartmentalization of decay in trees $500 These are three indicators of decay in standing tree. POT LUCK 1 $100 This Philadelphia suburb is the “Mushroom Capital of the World” $200 Botrytis cinerea has this common name because of the fine wine it creates. $300
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Mycojeopardy_09_sans_answers -...

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