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February 28, 2008 Name MAGICAL MUSHROOMS, MISCHIEVOUS MOLDS Midterm Exam I – Spring 2008 1. (6 pts) The naming of fungi is governed by The International Code of Botanical Nomenclature , a set of rules that is revised periodically as problems with the current system arise or as technology advances. What does the Code say about the following: a. The official starting year for fungi and why it was chosen? b. The language in which a description of a new fungus must be written. c. Which spore stage has priority when both asexual and sexual spores stages are known. 2. (4 pts) Regarding classification of fungi: Slime molds are no longer officially in the Kingdom FUNGI but they are in the unofficial UNION fungi. Why are they not in one but they are in the other? 3. (4 pts) In class we talked about dogwood anthracnose and its devastation of our native, flowering dogwood population. In the reading, you read about chestnut blight and its devastation of native American chestnuts. What two observations about both of those diseases that would lead you to know that they were most likely introduced to the U.S. from some other place in the world? Think about (1) where they were first found and how they spread, and (2) about the tree species that are most susceptible vs. others in the world with some resistance.
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Practice_Exam_I_for_S_09_Blackboard - Name 1 MAGICAL...

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