FdSc1500 Syllabus.09 - Food Science 1500 Food Choices and Issues Spring 2009 Course Description The goal of this course is to help you develop

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Food Science 1500 Food Choices and Issues Spring, 2009 Course Description: The goal of this course is to help you develop strategies for making healthier food choices through a deeper understanding of the scientific principles and concepts that form the basis for current dietary guidelines and food safety regulations. Topics include the U.S. food system; relationships between diet and health; food processing; food safety; and selected contemporary issues related to nutrition and food quality and safety. Each person will conduct a nutritional analysis of her or his personal diet. Learner Outcomes: Students who successfully complete this course will possess the knowledge and understanding needed to make healthy food choices. They will also: 1. Learn fundamental nutrition concepts necessary for selecting healthy diets and interpreting popular nutrition literature. 2. Understand the impact of food production and modern food science and technology on food choices. 3. Develop a greater awareness and understanding of the factors that influence consumer perceptions of contemporary food safety issues. Faculty Graduate Teaching Assistants Robert B. Gravani, Professor Bryson Bolton 11 Stocking Hall, 255-3262 [email protected] [email protected] Mo Chen [email protected] Dennis D. Miller, Professor Sana Mujahid 119 Stocking Hall, 255-2895 [email protected] [email protected] Administrative Staff Undergraduate Teaching Assistants Cindy Wright, Course Secretary Jill Berlin 116 Stocking Hall, 255-8008 [email protected] [email protected] Jessica Cooperstone [email protected] Course website : http://blackboard.cornell.edu/ . All students who pre-enrolled in the course will be enrolled on the course web site. If you did not pre-enroll in the course, please email Cindy Wright at clw3 and she will enroll you. The web site contains the following information: Staff information: photos, names, and addresses of professors and TAs Course information: course syllabus and course assignments Course announcements: exam dates and locations, etc. Course documents: copies of selected PowerPoint slides used for lectures Assignments: instructions for completing the diet analysis papers Links to library reserve readings and important external food science and nutrition web sites Grade book: Scores for quizzes, exams, and papers 1
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FOOD CHOICES AND ISSUES 2009 Course Schedule INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE 150 – THE FOOD SYSTEM Date Title Reading Quiz Speaker Jan 20 Factors Influencing Food Choices Unit 5 R.B. Gravani Jan 22 Understanding the Food System R.B. Gravani FOOD CHOICES AND HEALTH Jan 27 Key Nutrition Concepts Unit 1 D.D. Miller Jan 29 Relationships between Diet & Health Unit 2 Quiz 1 D.D. Miller Feb 3 Nutritional Analysis of Personal Diets Unit 6 D.D. Miller Feb 5 Nutritionists’ Ways of Knowing Unit 3 D.D. Miller Feb 10 Dietary Fats: Saturated, Unsaturated, Trans Unit 18 D.D. Miller Feb 12 Dietary Carbohydrates: Sugars, Starches, & Fiber Unit 12 Quiz 2 D.D. Miller
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FdSc1500 Syllabus.09 - Food Science 1500 Food Choices and Issues Spring 2009 Course Description The goal of this course is to help you develop

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