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Practice Comprehensive Problem Key

Practice Comprehensive Problem Key - BICD100 Genetics Fall...

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BICD100 Genetics Fall 2004 Reinagel Practice questions for forward genetics/comprehensive question Applicable questions from Chapter 16: Problems 1, 5, 17, 39. Example exam problem (note this would be a long problem worth a lot of points because it tests several different topics from all parts of the class. Often you can solve a later part of a comprehensive problem even if you have not yet figured out an earlier part. The information in later parts does not give any hints on how to solve the earlier ones). You have a wild type strain of yeast that grows well at any temperature between 10 C and 37 C. You mutagenize wild-type haploid yeast and immediately plate about 200 cells onto each of 1000 plates containing complete medium and grow them at 25 C until colonies form. After colonies grow up on these plates, you make a replica of each plate onto two more plates; you incubate the first copy at 10 C and the second at 25 C, and look for mutants that grow on the 25 C copy but not on the 10 C copy. In this way you
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