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Sample Hfr Problem

Sample Hfr Problem - Hfr donor dec eic nap phe pyr Hfr 1 26...

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Reinagel BICD 100 W 2007 Assessment 5, Problem Sets (Assigned) You isolate a new bacterial species E. oilspillcleani that is able to break down crude oil into carbon dioxide and water. Tests show that your wild type strain can break down decane, eicosane, naphthalene, phenanthrene, and pyrene, and it is naturally tolerant to high temperature conditions (temp R ). You isolate a temperature sensitive variant of the wild type parent, and separately derive two different Hfr strains from it: dec+ eic+ nap+ phe+ pyr+ temp S Hfr 1 dec+ eic+ nap+ phe+ pyr+ temp S Hfr 2 Starting from the wild type again, you also obtain a strain that has mutations in 5 genes required for hydrocarbon degradation: dec1 eic1 nap1 phe1 pyr1 temp R F- From interrupted conjugation experiments with each Hfr donor you obtain the following data: First time of entry
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Unformatted text preview: Hfr donor dec+ eic+ nap+ phe+ pyr+ Hfr 1 - 26 13 - 5 Hfr 2 29 2 - 27 35 a) Construct a map of E. oilspillcleani genome, showing the position of all 5 genes and the locations and directions of transfer of both Hfr origins. b) From the time of entry experiments above, you take all the eic+ recipients from the Hfr1 strain and analyze them for the presence of the other markers. On your map, label the relevant intervals I, II, III, etc as needed so that you can state in which interval(s) a crossover must have occurred to produce recipients of each phenotype given below. Finally, state the approximate number you expect to find in each class among the 26 eic+ you recovered (round to an integer number). eic nap pyr crossover(s) in interval(s) # expected out of 26 eic+? A) + + + B) + + - C) + - + D) + - -...
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