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Unformatted text preview: The Leader as Communicator The BUAD 304 Lab The Communication Process The Encoding Message Channel Message Decoding Source Receiver Feedback Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal Body Motions Body Language Facial Expressions Tone of Voice Paralinguistics Pacing and Pitch Choice of Communication Channel Choice Channel Richness Richest Type of Message Ambiguous Information Medium • Face-to-face talk • Telephone • Electronic mail • Memos, letters • Flyers, bulletins, reports Leanest Routine Filtering Selective Perception Defensiveness Barriers to Barriers Effective Communication Information Overload Language Apprehension Application: Providing Effective Feedback Focus on specific behaviors Keep feedback impersonal Keep feedback goal-oriented Make feedback well-timed Ensure understanding Direct negative feedback toward behavior that is controllable Direct by the recipient by Semantics Word Word Connotations Barriers to Cross-Cultural Communication Tone Differences Perception Differences Application: Cross-Cultural Communication Guidelines Assume differences until similarity is proven. Emphasize description rather than interpretation or Emphasize evaluation. evaluation. Practice empathy. Treat your interpretations as working hypotheses. ...
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