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101 3 Pg. 1 101 Notes Exam 3 Notes 2/2/09 Southeast Asia I. Regional Issues: a. Domino Theory—Nations in southeast Asia would fall like dominoes to communism if one or two falls b. Changing role of labor—migrating to urban areas, etc.; major textiles and clothing exports c. Management of the Tropical Environment—Tropical environment being depleted by desire for products in U.S. and abroad d. Fragmented State—Many nations spread out over large area and many different islands of different sizes—makes national identity difficult—Challenges to national unity e. Distinct culture groups f. Disparities of well-being—Growing urban wealth, disparities with poor rural g. Changing family structures h. Cultural Diversity II. Physical Geography of the Region a. Pacific Ring of Fire—prone to earthquakes, Tsunamis b. Islands stretched out over large area c. Water transportation important; d. Cultural diffusion/trade through region e. Land bridges—large sections connected when oceans were lower; Sumatra, Java and Borneo connected to mainland Asia (Land area called Sundaland) f. Wallacea Trench—Cuts through region (sea) east of Java and Borneo i. Wallace—evolution proponent ii. Line separates regions never connected by land bridges—separates types of species that evolved independently and are thus different in nature g. Australio-Melanesians—Settled areas through land bridges h. Austronesians—Settled later by boats—Origins in S. China—Excellent seafarers “wave readers” III. Nations: a. Indonesia i. Major islands today—Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Celebes, New Guinea ii. Made up name—British—Land and Water iii. Deforestation a major concern b. Philippines c. Malaysia d. Vietnam e. Cambodia f. Burma i. Burma or Myanmar? 1. Myanmar name of Military Junta that took over Burma—Illegal government per U.S. policy; Viewed by U.S. still as Burma ii. Was part of British India g. Laos (Lousy country) i. Lousy government—regressive ii. One of poorest nations in the region iii. Suffering of the people iv. Land-locked h. Timor Leste i. Brunei j. Singapore—City State IV. Islands a. Sumatra i. Banda Aceh region—island on tip—wants to break away from rest of Indonesia 1. Epicenter of earthquake that spurred 2004 tsunami b. Java— i. Most densely populated island in Indonesia ii. Mixed Climate—West Tropical Wet; East Tropical wet/dry c. Luzon d. Borneo e. New Guinea
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101 3 Pg. 2 V. Climate a. ITCZ—South of—lots of moisture; North of—less moisture b. Most of region is Tropical Humid Climates (A)—Tropical Wet and Tropical Dry i. Tropical Wet—Malaysian Peninsula; Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Philippines, New Guinea ii. Tropical Wet/Dry—Central Thailand, Southern Laos and Vietnam, Timor-Leste c. Green is Good C i. Burma, Northern Laos and Vietnam (altitude related) d. Virtually no other climate regions e. Wet Monsoon f. El Nino i. Region gets less rain—wet fragile area—dries out quickly without lost of rain—causes wild fires VI. Environmental Concern:
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101 Notes Exam 3 - 101 3 Pg 1 101 Notes Exam 3 Notes...

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