Alcohol - Alcohol Immediate Effects: BAC is the primary...

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Unformatted text preview: Alcohol Immediate Effects: BAC is the primary factor that determines the behavioral effects of alcohol BAC = .03%-.05% relaxed and happy; decreased alertness BAC = .05%- .10% reduced social inhibitions; impairment of reaction times and fine motor coordination Note: Legally drunk defined as .08% in all 50 states Under age 21, many states set BAC at .01% - .02% (Zero Tolerance) BAC - .10-.15% unsteadiness in standing and walking; loss of peripheral vision; irritability, easily angered; sensory perception impaired (vision, hearing) BAC = .15-.30 % staggering gait; slurred speech BAC greater than .30% unconsciousness, coma; death possible if higher than .35%; results from binge drinking Alcohol Hangover:- Severe hangover: o Headache, shakiness o Nause a, diarrhea, fatigue o Impaired m e ntal functioning o Increas e in HR a nd BP( Increas e chance for he art attack) o Rese arch on pilots, drivers, and skiers show that coordination and thinking is impaired o Hangover occurs in m e n if consu m e more than 5-6 drinks o Hangover occurs in wom en with about 3-4 drinks o Decreas e risk of hangover: drink less, drink m ore slowly, drink nonalcoholic beverages o Driven a bility is impaired with a hangover even if BAC returns to Alcohol Poisoning-Consum e large a mounts of alcohol in short a mount of time-Amount of alcohol it takes to leave person unconscious is close to a fatal May result in de ath: inhale fluid or vomit in lungs; depress respiratory syste m & Alcohol & other drugs:- Alcohol- drug combinations are the nu mb er one cause of drug-related - May lead to com a, depression of the respiratory syste m, de ath- Valium, codeine, Prozac, OTC a ntihista mines like Benadryl- Use of pain relievers a nd 3 or more drinks per day m ay result in stom ach bleeding and liver da m a ge- Alcohol and illegal drugs Alcohol related injuries a nd violence- Contributes to over 50% of all m urders, a ss aults, and rapes- Over 75,000 Americans killed e ach ye ar from alcohol related: o Homicides a nd suicides o Car crashes o Boating and swim ming accidents o Falls Drinking a nd Driving- In 2004, 250,000 Americans injured in alcohol related crashes e ach year;(1 person every 2 minutes)- 42,000 crash fatalities in 2004, 40% of these were alcohol related- Impairs judgments and coordination, slows reaction time- Warning signs: weaving, straddling the center line, driving on the shoulder, erratic speed, following too closely, driving with window Alcohol & Sex- Heavy drinkers more likely to: o Have unplanned, unprotected sex o Have multiple sex partners o Engage in high risk sexual behaviors- Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy rates higher in heavy drinkers- Women who binge drink at higher risk for sexual assault Effects of Chronic Use: 1. Cirrhosis: disease where liver cells are destroyed and are replaced by Occurs after years of heavy alcohol use...
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Alcohol - Alcohol Immediate Effects: BAC is the primary...

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