Facts and Stats - TEXT ONLY CHAPTER 9 (296) On average,...

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TEXT ONLY CHAPTER 9 (296) “On average, people report 7 conflicts a week, mostly among relatives, friends, and lovers with whom they’ve argued before” (300) “Mexican culture… the value of respeto emphasizes complementary balance between those who are younger and those in positions of power, especially elders with one’s family” (300) “European Americans believe that once children reach the age of adulthood, power in the family relationships should be balanced” (302) “In Asian and Latino cultures, very high value is placed on resource currency; consequently, people without wealth, property, or other such material resources are likely to grant those who possess them power” (302) “northern Europeans countries and in the US, people with wealth may be admired or even envied, but they are not granted unusual power” (305) “In central American and central African countries, for example, fewer than 50% of girls attend secondary schools” (305) “only 34% of countries around the worked have achieved gender equality in youth literacy rates” (305) “just 45% of the world’s nations have female employment rate equal to those of men” (305) “a mere 15% of all political representatives worldwide are women” (305) “within the US-which prides itself on its purported gender equality- only 12% of elected representatives are women” (305) “38 developing-countries have a substantially higher percentage of female political leaders than this” the top being Cuba, Peru, Rwanda, Turkmenistan, and Uganda (305) countries with equal % of women elected officials to the US: Congo,
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Facts and Stats - TEXT ONLY CHAPTER 9 (296) On average,...

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