1st Lecture-1-13 - COM 225 1-13-09 Introduction: What is...

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COM 225 1-13-09 Introduction: What is the most important thing in your life determining your happiness? o Love, health, money, faith, dance, etc. Do increase in wealth increase happiness? o Not always…people who win the lottery have a higher suicide and divorce rate than normal David Myer’s Work The Pursuit of Happiness (2002 Book) If your basic needs are met (food, water, safety, shelter, health, clothing), and if you have a meaningful activity or purpose then additional wealth had no effect on happiness. Myer’s Findings Across 170, 000 people in 16 countries--- There was no consistent trend for affluent to be happier Since 1950’s average affluence in U.S. has doubled Depression has increased 10x Teen suicide rate has tripled Sweden is the happiest country The most important determinant of happiness was satisfying relationships with friends, family members, romantic partners, and co-workers. What is Interpersonal Communication? IPC is dynamic Between two (or more) people The messages exchanged significantly influence their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships. 4 Defining Characteristics
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Dynamic: the constant ever-changing flow; at any point in interaction you don’t have certainty about how it is going to go; no two interactions with the same person will be the same o Ex: Steve and Michelle went to San Francisco and went to a restaurant over-looking the bay. Bar on the way out and there’s a band. When they finish their song and take a break Steve and the band members
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1st Lecture-1-13 - COM 225 1-13-09 Introduction: What is...

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