Syllabus - COM 225 Introduction to Interpersonal...

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COM 225 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Spring Semester 2009 Prof: Dr. Kelly Morrison Dr. Steven McCornack Office: 469 CAS Bldg. 467 CAS Phone: 432-0203 355-DIRT Email: [email protected] [email protected] Course Description : The goal of this class is to introduce you to theory and research in the area of interpersonal communication, so you can apply this knowledge to your own lives, improving your communication decision making and relationships. Much of our focus in this class is on close interpersonal relationships. We will introduce you to a wide range of topics and issues, including: self-awareness and critical self-reflection, social cognition and perception, emotion management, attraction, falling in and out of love, love styles, conflict, and maintenance within romantic, family, and friend relationships. Format : We team-teach this class in a standard lecture/discussion format, frequently asking you questions and soliciting your opinions and experiences as they relate to the course material. You will be expected to (1) attend class and take notes, (2) complete assigned readings prior to class, (3) complete four exams, and (4) keep track of your grade via your MSU email account. Grading
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Syllabus - COM 225 Introduction to Interpersonal...

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