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2-19 - and he wants to be funny and make Kelly laugh the...

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Jealousy Definition of Jealousy A protective reaction to a perceived threat to a valued relationship A combination of negative emotions-primarily hurt, anger, and fear Dimensions of Jealousy Cognitive Jealousy o Thoughts, worries; suspicions about an “ex” Behavioral Jealousy o Actions; checking e-mail account Emotional Jealousy o Occurs independent of conscious appraisal of threat o Ex: physiological response to an “ex” 2 Factors Necessary for Jealousy to Occur- Both have to be there Whether or not the issue is self-defining Ex: Steve was at Kelly’s and Kelly got a phone call. She starts laughing and is then on the floor crying from laughing so hard. Steve starts to get mad and then finds out it was a guy named Matt who Kelly had dated the summer before him. Kelly figures out that he was jealous and she does a dance. Steve wasn’t jealous because it was an ex, he’s jealous because it was someone who was really funny
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Unformatted text preview: and he wants to be funny and make Kelly laugh the way she laughed just then. • Whether or not there is a discrepancy between self and “ideal self” for this issue Strategies for Dealing with Jealousy • Self Reliance o Continue with current activities • Self Bolstering-proved to be worst o Happy thoughts • Selective Ignoring o Devalue or re-evaluate IPC Competence IPC Competence Definitions • Competence: consistently communicating in an effective, appropriate, AND ethical fashion o Effectiveness: the ability to use communication to accomplish interpersonal goals o Appropriateness: the degree to which communication matches situational, relational, and cultural expectations regarding how people “should” communicate o Ethics: communication decisions are driven by a set of standards regarding moral behavior...
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2-19 - and he wants to be funny and make Kelly laugh the...

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