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4-2 - • More likely to cheat sooner into a relationship...

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COM 225 Infidelity Media Portrayals of Infidelity You are confronted with conflicting messages about infidelity in relationships: o On one hand, the media talk about the inevitability of infidelity in a relationship o On the other hand, the media promote the desirability of infidelity in terms of passion Facts Based on Research Based upon sexual intercourse other than spouse is the definition of infidelity
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Unformatted text preview: • More likely to cheat sooner into a relationship: Men • More likely to desire cheating: Men • Who has more partners (cheats with more different people): Men • Has more opportunities-had the chance but didn’t: Men • Approve of cheating more-both disapprove of cheating, but by comparing #: Men • Experience less guilt: Men • Believe it is justified: Men...
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