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Percents/ Statistics: P. 334: men and women report experiencing passionate love with equal frequency and intensity, and studies using a “Juvenile Love Scale” (which excludes references to sexual feelings) have found that children as young as age 4 report passionate love toward others (hatfield and rapson) P. 334: Although certain ethnicities, especially Latinos, often are stereotyped as more “passionate”, studies comparing Latino and non-Latino experiences of romantic love suggest no differences in intensity P.335: 87% of respondents said that there was a difference and that sexual attraction was the critical distinguishing feature of being in love P.335: Canadian sociologist John Alan Lee was among the first scholars to suggest that people differ widely in their beliefs about what constitutes true love P. 340: 23% of equitable romances broke up during a several-month period P. 340: 54% of inequitable romantic relationships broke up P. 343: 50% of students surveyed think interracial dating is acceptable, but this
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Unformatted text preview: masks substantial race and gender differences • P. 343: 81% of euro-Americans and 75% of African American men express willingness to date outside their ethnicity, the majority of euro-American and African American women report negatives attitudes toward interracial dating • P. 350: during a typical 3 month dating period, 30% of couples surveyed broke up • P. 351: 40% of American couples who marry end up divorcing • P. 359: parks and Adelman were able to predict with 88% accuracy which couples would survive. • P. 359: 67% of interethnic marriages end in divorce • P. 368: 20% of American women and men would consider divorce if a spouse passionately kissed someone else • P. 368: 30% would consider divorce if their spouse has a romantic date with another person • P. 368: 60% would consider divorce if their spouse has a serious sexual affair • P. 368: 60% of men said that sex would upset them more, but 83% of women said they’d find the emotion attachment more distressing...
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