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3rd Lecture-1-26 - we think they are Antecedent Conditions...

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ISS 210 1-26-09 Consistent reward decreases the probability of… 1. Anticipated Behavior 2. Identification with Choice 3. Complying with External Pressure 4. Needs for Continual Reward to Sustain Performance You can reduce dissonance by taking small steps. 5 Conditions to Enhance Commitment 1. Write things down 2. Active Participation 3. Public Expression 4. Cost/Effort- the more it costs you to do something the more valuable it becomes. 5. Voluntary Choice- has the stronger effect on commitment than any one of the others or all of them interacting together. Authority Compliance Milgram and Zibardo (The Lucifer Effect) found the same conclusion even after they did their studies in two different venues at two different times. The closer we are to the consequence of our actions the less likely we are to comply with authority. All people have to do is just say “NO.” It’s not a matter of who other people think they are, it’s who
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Unformatted text preview: we think they are. Antecedent Conditions: authority is often connected to morality. As we are brought up as children, learning morality is inseparable from authority. Binding Conditions: the kinds of impacts that occur as a result of what happens. You are insulted by a professor but must take his class as part of your major. You will endure his class for the 13 weeks because you have to. Fragmented/Sequential Conditions: I do this, so you do that, so I do this, so you do that. We see the other person as the reason for our actions, they see us for the reason for our actions. Compliance=the antecedent factors + the binding factors are greater than the stress induced. State of Agency: instrument of another. NOT effective cause of action or responsible and the action does not reflect myself. Fragmentation is when one thing leads to another....
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3rd Lecture-1-26 - we think they are Antecedent Conditions...

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