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WRA 115 Study aid for assignment #7 Lochner v. New York Irons presents the case as a showdown between the people’s desire for a democratic regulation of the economy and the capitalist desire that it remain free to exercise its economic power unhindered by government. Each side had its legal doctrine. Those favoring popular control of the economy argued that it was not an invasion of private property because the economy was a public system and was, therefore, subject to the police powers of the government. The moneyed class argued that all exchange of value was private and, under the traditional right to private property, was outside of the governments police powers unless there was an overriding social need for regulation. The state of New York passed a law limiting the hours that bakers could work to 10 hours a day, six days a week on the basis that the health of workers was damaged by their work conditions and that the police powers doctrine gave the state the right to step in to protect public health. The Supreme Court rejected the state’s argument that the
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study aid #7-1 - WRA 115 Study aid for assignment#7 Lochner...

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