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WhREb-A&SActs-082 - • Decision to take military...

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Rebellion, Politics, and Political Liberty in 1790s Whiskey Tax, March 1791 Tax Protests Why? Hardship on western frontier Gov’t inability to secure western lands Gov’t inability to secure access to Mississippi River Tax = financial burden; accounting = complex Tax NOT external (like Stamp Act tax) How? Petitions, meetings, liberty poles, effigies Attacks on tax collectors, tar & feathering Attack on Oliver Neville, summer 1794 Democratic-Republican Societies Federal Response: Amendments to tax, 1792 GW’s 1792 proclamation against Dem-Rep societies
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Unformatted text preview: • Decision to take military action: GW assembled 12,000+ men • March to western Pennsylvania, Fall 1794 • Rebels dispersed, fled • 20 rebels (minor players) arrested, tried, 2 convicted/pardoned “...most important national crisis between American Revolution and the Civil War. ...” (?) Suppressing dissent: • Alien and Sedition Acts, 1798 • Partisan legislation; denies civil & political liberties • Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, 1798, 1799 From Free Speech to States’ Rights...
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