Politics in the 1790s

Politics in the 1790s - • Opposed to AH’s fiscal...

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Politics in the 1790s Hamiltonian-Federalists and Jeffersonian-Republicans Federalists Supremacy of nat’l gov’t Broad interpretation of Constitution Criticized as pro-British Favored commercial/industrial development Jeffersonian-Republicans Suspicious of nat’l gov’t Favored priority of civil liberties Favored independent farming/artisans Strict interpretation of Constitution Criticized as pro-French
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Unformatted text preview: • Opposed to AH’s fiscal policies Alexander Hamilton, Report on Public Credit, 1790 Report on Manufactures, 1791 • Funding • Assumption • National Bank • Protective tariffs • Government as instrumental Thomas Jefferson in 1790s • Ideal of agrarian republic • Government as obstructive • Support for French Revolution...
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