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Indian Removals-082 - Southern states eager for Cherokee...

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Indian Removals and the “Trail of Tears” Native Americans and the US Constitution US Policy re Native Americans, 1790-1820 Land acquisition Civilize and Christianize Native American Strategies of Survival Armed Resistance --Shawnee; Battle of Fallen Timbers, 1893-4 --Creek War; Battle of Horseshoe Bend, 1814 --AJ 1817 expedition against Seminoles --Black Hawk War Accommodation and Independence --Cherokee
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Unformatted text preview: Southern states eager for Cherokee land Cherokee Nation in early 19 th century • Education • Missionaries • Private farms, shops, mills • 1827 Cherokee Constitution Georgia extends state law over “Indian” territory, 1827 Indian Removal Act, 1830 Cherokee Nation v. Georgia , 1831 Worcester v. Georgia , 1832 Indian Intercourse Act, 1834 Removals and “Trail of Tears”...
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