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CMST 2060 Notes

CMST 2060 Notes - CMST 2060 Notes 01.14.09-talking about...

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CMST 2060 Notes 01.14.09 -talking about how the speeches will happen in class. -OH SHIT. This class is going to be a bitch. 01.26.09 Rhetorical situations -Exigencies---problems that make us feel both concerned and uncertain. -Uncontested exigence—a problem exists; unsure how to solve problem. -Contested exigence—audience cannot agree that a problem truly exists. - Audience (2 Types) -Empirical audience- those physically present; demographics -Target audience—Those most easily persuaded and capable of action 02.13.08 Practice makes perfect Bob. Your first speech sucked, it fucking sucked. Midterm is Monday, March 2, 2009 Delivery Styles Manuscript- Written out word for word -Sometimes on a prompter (politicians) -Advantages: Easier to deliver clear messages and important information -Disadvantages: May rely on script too much and lose audience. Memorized- Why memorize a speech word for word? -For stories, narratives, entertaining speeches
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-Advantages: Keep audience involved -Disadvantages: No “safety net” if you lose your place. Impromptu—Speaking with little or no practice. -Topic usually unknown until just before speech -Little time to prepare -Advantages: Mentally challenging; exercise in creativity; speaker can appear more natural -Disadvantages: Lack of preparation can lead to nerves, mistakes, long pauses. Extemporaneous (style done in this class): -Advantages: Entire speech is not written out, so more chance for eye contact and audience inclusion -If you lose your place you can glance down at outline -Involves elements of other three delivery styles. -Disadvantages: Like manuscript, speakers can rely too much on their outlines. 02.18.09 The Public Sphere—The physical and conceptual spaces in which citizens exchange views on matters of public interest. A conceptual space deals more with expectations regarding when and where we can discuss
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CMST 2060 Notes - CMST 2060 Notes 01.14.09-talking about...

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