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AECT250-Lecture 16 - Lecture 16 AISC Code of Standard...

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Lecture 16 - Page 1 of 13 Lecture 16 – AISC Code of Standard Practice Design, fabrication, and erection of steel-framed buildings should incorporate provisions of the AISC “Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges” and is found in AISC Spec. Section 16.3 and also online at . It was first published in 1924 and is now in its 6 th edition, dated March 7, 2005. It provides a useful framework for the understanding of the acceptable standards for the construction of structural steel structures. It is useful for owners, architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, construction managers and anyone else involved with construction using structural steel. The Code also serves as a basis for technical project specifications, typically CSI Specification Section 05100 – Structural Steel (see Lecture 17). A summary of the Code of Standard Practice is given below. GLOSSARY Definitions and abbreviations of relevant terms used throughout the Code. Some important, (but often vague) definitions include: AESS – Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Contract Documents Design Drawings EOR – Engineer-of-Record Erection Drawings Erector Fabricator Inspector Owner Owner’s Designated Representative for Construction Owner’s Designated Representative for Design RCSC – Research Council on Structural Connections RFI – written Request for Information SER – Structural Engineer-of-Record Shop Drawings Specifications SSPC – Society for Protective Coatings (formerly Steel Structures Painting Council) Steel Detailer Structural Steel
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Section 1 – GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1 – Scope The Code shall govern the fabrication and erection of structural steel (unless otherwise noted in Contract Documents). 1.2 – Referenced Specifications, Codes and Standards AISC Manual of Steel Construction AISC Seismic Provisions AISC Specification ASTM (lots of referenced standards) AWS D1.1 – Structural Welding Code RCSC Specification – Specification for Structural Joints using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts SSPC – Steel Structures Painting Council 1.3 – Units Either U.S. customary or metric units will be used. Each system shall be independent of the other. 1.4 – Design Criteria The AISC Specification shall be used in the absence of other design criteria. 1.5 – Responsibility for Design If the Owner’s Designated Representative for Design provides the design, the Fabricator and Erector are NOT responsible for building code conformance of the design. If the Owner enters a contract with the Fabricator for design/build, then the Fabricator IS responsible for building code conformance of the design. 1.6 – Patents and Copyrights
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AECT250-Lecture 16 - Lecture 16 AISC Code of Standard...

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