AECT250-Lecture 19

AECT250-Lecture 19 - Lecture 19 Steel Deck Steel deck, or...

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Lecture 19 - Page 1 of 8 Lecture 19 – Steel Deck Steel deck, or sometimes called “metal deck” is used in steel framed construction as an intermediate structural system to distribute floor and roof loads to supporting beams. Decking is typically fastened to the steel supporting members by either puddle welds or powder-actuated fasteners. Although made of steel, it is NOT considered to be structural steel. Decking is corrugated having a typical cross-section resembling: The Steel Deck Institute, SDI, was established in 1939 in an effort to regulate the design, manufacture and installation of steel deck. Manufacturers complying with SDI specifications include Vulcraft, Canam Steel Corp. and United Steel Deck, Inc. Types of Steel Deck There are 3 general types of steel deck roof deck, non-composite floor deck and composite deck. 1. Roof Deck Roof deck is used primarily to carry lightweight roof construction. It is characterized by having relatively narrow bottom flutes so that there is a wider top flute to maximize the surface contact with rigid insulation. It comes in heights ranging from 1” up to 3” and in thicknesses ranging from 24 gage (thinnest) up to 16 gage (thickest). Depending on the section, roof decking can span as much as 15’-0”. Acoustical deck is available to control sound transmission through the decking. It is used for auditoriums, schools, etc., and is obtained by adding fiber sound-absorbing batts
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AECT250-Lecture 19 - Lecture 19 Steel Deck Steel deck, or...

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