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AECT250-Lecture 35 - Lecture 35 Wall Footings All...

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Lecture 35 - Page 1 of 9 Lecture 35 – Wall Footings All structural load-bearing walls must bear on footings. These footings in turn distribute the loads to the soil. If the loading on the soil exceeds the soil bearing capacity, undesirable settlement will occur, resulting in cracked walls, uneven floors, or potentially structural failure in extreme overloading. Wall Footing Requirements : 1) Must distribute the loads evenly to the soil. 2) Bottom of footing must be deeper than the frost penetration or else frost heave will occur. 3) Must be well-drained to prevent wash-out. 4) Must bear on undisturbed (or engineered) soil.
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Lecture 35 - Page 2 of 9 Typical Allowable Soil Bearing Values per IBC Table 1804.2 Soil Type: Allowable Soil Bearing (q a )*: Bedrock 12,000 PSF Sedimentary and foliated rock 4,000 PSF Sandy gravel and/or gravel 3,000 PSF Sand, silty sand, clayey sand, silty gravel, clayey gravel 2,000 PSF Clay, sandy clay, silty clay, clayey silt, silt, sandy silt 1,500 PSF Organics, peat, top soil NOT Recommended for use as footing bearing * = An increase of one-third is permitted when using alternate load combinations in IBC Section 1605.3.2 that include wind or earthquake loads. Example GIVEN : An 8” wide load-bearing poured-in-place concrete wall is to bear on a wall footing with the following: Service dead load on wall (incl. wall weight) = 8000 PLF
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AECT250-Lecture 35 - Lecture 35 Wall Footings All...

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