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race gender power prestige class marx according

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Unformatted text preview: Groups: Common Terms Groups: • aggregate • category • voluntary and involuntary groups groups • reference groups • peer groups • primary and secondary groups Groups: More Terms Groups: • status – achieved – ascribed • • • roles in-group out-group Formal Organizations Formal • Formal organizations are usually largescale groups that have a planned focus scale and a clearly defined structure and • Such organizations are often referred to Such as bureaucracies bureaucracies • Max Weber studied bureaucracies as Max ideal organizations of complex, modern society society Bureaucracies Bureaucracies • According to Weber, bureaucracies According represented the ideal organization of large-scale, modern society large-scale, • ....with such characteristics as the ....with complex division of labor division • ...with a hierarchical structure of ...with authority authority • ...and a complex system of clear and ...and predictable rules rules Social Inequality Social • A persistent character of groups persistent throughout the world is that of stratification stratification • Stratification is the unequal division of Stratification societies societies • This division can be based on a variety of This factors including: factors Stratification: Stratification: • Class... • Race... • Gender... • Power... • Prestige... Class: Marx Class: • According to Marx (and other social According conflict theorists) class is the division of societies into several main groups, including: including: • ...those who own the productive wealth of ...those society • ...those who own only their labor (the ...those workers) workers) Class: Marx Class: • In this theory, this was the fundamental In difference between the classes of industrial society industrial • ...and this division would eventually ...and disappear as workers struggled for the power of the owner class power Class: Weber Class: • According to Weber, the stratification of According society was based on a broader range of factors, including factors, • ....wealth • ....power • ....prestige • And one could have any one of th...
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