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sound familiar see the variation of this theme under

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Unformatted text preview: ese to And be in a “higher” class..... (examples?) be Poverty Among the Stratified Poverty • Poverty is a persistent feature of Poverty stratification throughout the world stratification • While many would argue about its very While definition definition • And many would argue about its real And cause(s) cause(s) Relative and Absolute Poverty Relative • Much of poverty in the world is what Much could be termed “relative poverty”.... could • While much of the world lives in While “absolute poverty... “absolute • ...the latter being a state in which one’s ...the very survival is threatened by the lack of resources (eg. food, clothing, medical care etc.) care Causes of Poverty Causes • Why does poverty persist in the world? • Functionalist view.... • Social-conflict theory... • Social-interactionist theory... • Gender/Feminist theory... Other Divisions: Race and Ethnicity Ethnicity • Race and ethnicity are also dividing Race factors in our society (and our wider world) world) • Race is the social definition of people based one biological characteristics based • Ethnicity is the social definition of people Ethnicity based on cultural ties (like language, dress, customs, beliefs, etc.) dress, Race: Key Terms Race: • • • • • • Prejudice Discrimination Racism Social definition of Race Institutional Racism Minority Status Race: More Key Terms Race: • • • • • • Genocide (“ethnic cleansing”) Expulsion Segregation (apartheid) Assimilation Amalgamation Cultural pluralism Other Divisions: Gender Other • Sex: biological characteristics Sex: biological – xy/xx, hormones, primary and secondary sex xy/xx, characteristics characteristics • Gender: the social definition of groups Gender: based on biological characteristics.... based • (sound familiar? see the variation of this (sound theme under “race”) theme Gender: Nature vs. Nurture Gender: • How much of what we are as How “masculine” and “feminine” is • .....learned through socializ...
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