Sociology and religion which theory would say religion

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Unformatted text preview: ation... • .....or “built-in” to us through our genes, .....or hormones and brain-structure? hormones Gender: biological destiny? Gender: • How much of the stratification of our How society along gendered lines is “natural”--based on our biological make“natural”--based up.... • ....and how much is the result of social ....and definition of opportunities etc. based on biological makeup....? biological Gender: biological destiny? Gender: • • • • the “glass ceiling”... female job-ghettos the “feminization of poverty” Are these “natural divisions” of the Are world? world? Social Institutions Social • Society is in process of self-definition... • As social practices of groups become As familiar, accepted and expected they become what sociology calls institutions institutions • This refers to organized practices and This relationships of society, rather than to relationships physical places... physical Social Institutions Include... Social • • • • ...religion ...economics and politics Family: The way we never were... never • The sociological study of family: • historical comparison... – Kodachrome...”the good-old days”... • cross-cultural comparison... – “family values” around the world... • family today: the “ideal” vs. “the real” Religion= Primitive Science? Science • The “enlightened view” of “religion”... – – “science” replacing “religion” science” the emergence of “rational” explanation of the the world the • Classifying the world’s cultures : from Classifying “savagery” to “civilization”? • Sociologists get involved..... – Durkheim et. al Religion vs. Science? Religion • Is there necessarily any conflict between Is religion and science? religion • examples of conflict in history.... – – – the earth is the center of the universe there is no such thing as a vacuum “God” created “man” on the 7th day... not God” through “evolution”.... through Religion vs. Science? Religion • Why did such scientific asser...
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