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Webs of meaning as blueprint offor society made up as

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Unformatted text preview: assless society classes Symbolic Interactionism Symbolic • “Symbols” are the basis of social life • Individuals and societies develop through Individuals people’s interaction through symbols people’s • Individuals develop a sense of themselves Individuals as they learn to use symbols as • Individuals develop a sense of themselves Individuals as they learn to see themselves the way they believe others see them they Symbolic Interactionists Symbolic • Charles Horton Cooley (1864-1929) • George Herbert Mead (1863-1947) • Erving Goffman – “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” Culture and Society Culture • • • • Material and Non-Material Culture Culture as “Webs of Meaning” ...As “Blueprint of/for society” Made up, as well, of norms, values, mores Made and folkways and • The culture of a society is passed on from The one generation to the next one Culture and Society Culture • The culture of any group is passed on The from one generation to the next through ongoing, lifelong processes of socialization socialization • A related concept is enculturation related enculturation • Social members may even be resocialized Social resocialized in their lifetime if they do not “conform” to the values, mores, norms etc. of their group group Socialization Socialization • Socialization (enculturation) is a life-long Socialization life-long process, that begins at birth process, • We are first socialized by those who are We closest to us in our early months and years years • This first development is called primary This socialization socialization • Later we are socialized through our Later wider society, and this is called secondary socialization socialization Groups Groups • Sociology is the study of groups of people Sociology groups in process of self-definition as groups as groups • A group is a collection of people (but not group all collections of people are groups!) all • Sociology studies, among other things, Sociology how individuals impact and shape groups how • Sociology studies, as well, how groups Sociology impact and shape individuals impact...
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