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Case Study -McD - playing a medley of McDonald's...

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Case Study: Golin/Harris for McDonald's Objective: To tell McDonald's business success story to the financial community, as well as the general public. Strategy: Execute a special media event at which the 50 billionth hamburger would be the star. Implementation: McDonald's has traditionally proclaimed the total number of hamburgers sold as an indicator if its success. When McDonald's was warned that the quick service restaurant leader was approaching 50 billion, Golin/Harris planned an event. A new McDonald's grill was rolled onto a stage at a hotel in New York, and McDonald's/ USA president Ed Rensi, a former McDonald's grill man, cooked and served the 50 billionth hamburger to Dick McDonald, one of the original McDonald brothers. The glitter surrounding the event included the 104-piece McDonald's All-American High School Band
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Unformatted text preview: playing a medley of McDonald's commercials through the years. McDonald's restaurants -- some 6,500 strong -- announced the milestone locally and gave every patron present a coupon worth a free hamburger. A 900 number was activated two weeks prior to the event to "count up" to 50 billion with numbers that were placed on a chalk board daily in each restaurant. "Fascinating McFacts" was given to key talk show personalities to give them new trivia for on-air use. Results: The event attracted enough photographers "to bring tears to a PR person's eyes" according to a wire service. Some 120 media representatives, including major national business and financial writers, reported the news around the world, achieving some 300 million impressions....
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Case Study -McD - playing a medley of McDonald's...

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