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Unformatted text preview: StOC2552 StOC2552 Donnalyn Pompper, Ph.D., APR Week 14 Overview Overview Trends, issues important for you Internships PR’s diversity problem 2009 Salary and Bonus Report Social media Internships Internships Value – when paid $ Career building Training Work with real clients, media, situations PR’s diversity problem PR’s Recruitment and retention – much work to Recruitment be done be PRSA Multicultural Communications PRSA (interest section) (interest Diversity Committee Chapter Diversity Award Diversity Toolkit for chapters PRSSA chapters at HBCUs 2009 Salary and Bonus Report 2009 It’s an “employer’s market” PR jobs scarce, salaries flat, bonuses PR slashed slashed Still opportunities Doing more with less (working harder) Salary snapshot Social media Social Technology is an “edge” for young people Consumer-generated content Facebook, Twitter, You-tube Blogging ...
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